Title Sequence


Initially, I had 3 different ideas. I really wanted to do something related to crime, mystery and investigation. I thought of objects, but then realized this would make it look cliche and also be complicated. I started using paint just to experiment. After the feedback from professor, I knew I wanted to make the video just black and white using paint. I did some research on thoughtful crime, its about making happy objects look dark. This black and white video consistent throughout. Its amazing how much change an effect on premier pro can have on the video. Initially all my videos where gray scale. It was hard to get just black and white. After changing the exposure and adding highlights to the video it turned to just black and white. The quality of the video was much better. After making the video, I had to chose a music. It was hard to get away from instrumental music. For the video I used ‘prison break theme music’ which is 7mins long with different tracks. I chose the one that I thought synced with the video. At first I used Palatino for the type. To make it more mysterious and to give the Title of the name a meaning, I used different hand written type for each name and typewriter for the description.

I enjoyed working on this project.


There are crimes of passion and crimes of logic. The boundary between them is clearly defined in Signature, where the criminal leaves a sign after each act. ‘Signature” is a 60min documentary film on thoughtful and intellectual crime .Crime that is well planned and not done for passion but for revenge. The investigation and crime game becomes a matter of life and death.

Comparing the Actual and the Edited version of each footage

Shots of the final video

Typeface for title – American Typewriter

Type for the names are hand written




WHat is preflight?
WHat is effective dpi? what does it mean and what does it refer to?
What does fpo mean and when might you see and use it?
WHat is hangline ?
WHen should you use a tiff and why ?
What is half tone refer to and how is it use ?
what is tipping in ?
Do you know how to make a duotone? explain and make one ?
what are style sheets and how are the helpful ?
Dp you know how to create a die cut for a file ? explain what it is and create one?
How to specify a varnish plate and what it is and how to create one?
DO you know what a spot varnish is and what it i sand how to create one?
What are color seperation and what do they refer to?
What is a color build?
WHat is a hexidecimal color good for?
Is a moire a good thing or a bad thing . why ?
WHen you use eps and why ? why do you use jpgs and why ?
What is resolution and why is it important ?
WHat does a slug refer to? things that need to be in it?
What does linked mean in prepress termelogy and when would you use it?
Explain what justifies mean?
What is color space and why does it matter ?
What does CMYK+2 mean ? (6 color job)
What does coated refer to?
What does 12/12 mean in mark up ?
WHat is dot gain ?
What is imposition?
WHat does 4-up mean ?
What is dpi ?
WHAT IS A BLEED ? and how do you make it ?
What’s a trap?


Step 1
What to include when you turn in each of your projects
Mark up
include slug
contact information

Mock up
what it should actually look like
Digital files
Disc catalog screen shot (cmd+shift+4+spacebar)
Package view report print.

Step 2
Project 1
Look and project brief
Outcomes – deliverables – final actual project
What you learn

Project 2
Look and project brief
Outcomes – deliverables – final actual project
What you learn
Spot colors

Project 1
Look and project brief
Outcomes – deliverables – final actual project
What you learn
CMYK process colors











Class Lecture


Design is dead

Design should be alive ……………

Quote by Paul Hughes

Diagram – consistency , living the brand, changes, a living brand , Holo

System consist of 2 things- variables (elements of a system that do not change ex: color typeface) and consonants (elements of a system that can change ex:layout, pattern).

Each component helps sharpen the identity of the brand it represents. The more components

Fixed componenets help the user recognize the brand : variability


  1. MTV  logo …
  2. City of Melbourne,


The wallpaper is the opposite

  1. Aol.


  1. The supply of a toolbox with different ingredients
  2. IDTV – look like images but has the idea of pixels. use of grid
  4. Whitney *
  5. Walker
  6. Impakt Festival


  1. New Museum
  2. Salt


  1. Open for people to give their input
  2. OCAD


  2. Casa Da Musica
  3. Brussels




  1. Simple Comunication – sometimes most powerful- example : Chase.
  2. adaptable
  3. visually striking
  • Unexpected Visual configurations
  • Clever Configurations –
  • Word and Image : make it memorable
  • No repetition, don’t make it redundant

Visual System

  1. larger collection of visual elements
  • Appropriated visual language


Modular and dynamic system